License agreement and rules

Here are some license agreements and rules about how we will work together to make your forum work great! Our support is one of the best, you can check our reviews 😉
Remember that after buying any of our products we will make our best to help you solve all your problems. We support all features of our products!

License agreement

  1. You have to own a Xenforo license.
  2. One product bought can be used only on one site.
  3. You can’t resell your licence to anyone.
  4. We make refunds only in few cases. Read more in #Refunds.
  5. You can edit our products, read more in #Editing.
  6. You buy what you see, before buying check every demo site where you can see how each product works.
  7. You can’t remove our branding without contacting us and buying branding removal.


  1. If you found a bug with our theme or plugin you have to report it to our support on DISCORD.
  2. Free support is to fix only bugs that occur on default Xenforo installation without any 3-rd party additional plugins installed.
  3. If you found problems with 3-rd party addons/themes please check category: #Compatibility with other plugins and themes.
  4. To properly report a bug you need to screenshot it and give support information which setting was turned on/off.


  1. Your product license gives you free support in fixing all bugs that prevent the product from working fine with the latest Xenforo software.
  2. If you reported bug #Bugs in some cases StylesFactory support members can ask for access to your forums. Not providing access to forums means refusing to help and closes cases.
  3. Before asking about how to turn some settings on, first read all products FAQ.
  4. Asking for changing colors/placement in any part of the theme is treated as custom work order:
  5. Asking for an additional feature for a plugin or asking for a change placement of any part of it is treated as a custom work order.


  1. You can edit any theme or product to fit your needs.
  2. If you want to change part of the theme or plugin functionality and don’t know how to do this then you can buy custom work from our support.
  3. Editing the main parts of themes or plugins can cause compatibility problems with future updates.
  4. If you want to save your modifications and still update products to the latest versions you need to order custom work.


  1. Plugins and themes are easy to configure.
  2. You can check most features of our products by checking our demo sites.
  3. If you want additional options in plugins or themes you can request them by ordering custom work.


  1. Refunds after buying and downloading products are considered individually. Every product is supported so if you find any bug you need to report it to our support.
    We will fix it as soon as it is possible to make your product work fine.
  2. We will give a refund when we drop support for a product before the licence expires.
  3. We will give a refund if the plugin is not working with Xenforo software it was described to work with but only in case when plugin can’t be fixed.
  4. We don’t give refunds if your Xenforo software version is older than our product support version list.
  5. We don’t give refunds if your server requirements prevent our products to work.
  6. We don’t give refunds if you have problems with 3-rd party software.
  7. We don’t give refunds if you refuse to work with our support to fix all problems with products.
  8. We don’t give refunds if you edited/modified/customed any part of the theme/plugin and it was not working properly.

Custom works:

  1. If you need any custom edits or premium support assistance you can check our services.

Compatibility with other plugins and themes:

  1. We don’t support any of the 3-rd party plugins. Most of them work fine with our plugin but some don’t and won’t.
  2. If you are not sure if your forum will work fine with our product please contact our support.
  3. If there are small issues with popular plugins that are only connected with templates, we mostly fix them in updates.