Ultimate Landing Page


Ultimate Landing Page
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Supported version: Xenforo 2.2
Latest version: Xenforo 2.2.13

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All you need in one place

Your logo, background, menu and sections. This all in one place to provide clear and modern way to display your project info!

Easy to edit sections

Predefined sections are easy to edit. Just enable permissions for your Xenforo group and use Edit, Add and Remove buttons!

YouTube Videos

You can link your youtube videos! Landingpage will embed them and display in Videos section.

Custom gallery

Not only videos but also you can display galleries showing your project. No problem with space thanks to slider!

Staff section

Every project need to show some info about their staff. We provided simple and elegant way to do it!

Streamers section

A lot of gaming server projects work with streamers. Listing them on your langing page is great idea. To unlock this section you need to also buy Streamers plugin: Twitch.

Control your panels and settings

You can chose which sections to display on your langing page.


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