Ultimate Staff Page

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Now you can set your great staff page in few minutes. With this plugin you can:

  • set avatar for each member
  • set his/her group
  • set rounded or default avatars
  • add custom link to each member block
  • show groups separated in nice way

Plugin should work with all templates. Please contact us on our discord!







Additional information

Licence time

12 months

Branding removal

Yes, No


How to set rounded avatars?

Go to Admin Panel > Ultimate Staff Page > Options > Border radius. To set rounded avatars write "50%". If you want to set little border radius we recommend to set 5px.

My group is not showing. Why?

We set as default to show only groups with display priority above 100. So you won't see guest group or registered.

Where I can set staff bar?

In Groups & permissions > User groups > User banner styling.

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