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Do you want to set all your favourite streamers in one list? Set this easy with Twitch Plugin!

List screen:

Remember to set your own Twitch Token! You can get it for free here:

With this plugin you can:

  • set widget with list of your streamers
  • set widget with slider (big avatars visible above forum nodes and wide areas)
  • set list of streamers in subpage, add it in navigation it’s always link
  • turn off all offline streamers
  • change speed of sliding stream title

(Experience theme, left sidebar twitch widget is exclusive for that theme)

Additional information

Xenforo Version


Licence time

12 months

Branding removal

yes, no


How to set Twitch token?

Go to Twitch Streamers > Options > Plugin options > check bo "Twitch plugin" and set your API Client ID in "Twitch token" form. You can create your APP here:

How to add streamers?

Go to Twitch Streamers > Options > "Add new streamer". Just use streamers nickname (same as she/he has in link). You can also set display order.

How to change scroll speed inside widget?

Go to Twitch Streamers > Options > Plugin options > "Scroll speed" set to 4 (by default).

How to hide streamers who are offline?

Go to Twitch Streamers > Options > Plugin options > "Show offline"

How to add streamers list link in navigation?

Go to Setup > Navigation > Public navigation > Add navigation > set "Navigation ID" -> Streamers (thats only an example). -> "Title" -> Streamers. "Display Order" for example 250. -> "Link" set as "streamers". "Save". It should be visible in your navigation.

How to add streamers widget?

"Go to Appearance > Widgets > Add widget > ""Widget definition"" - Twitch Widget Premium. ""Widget key"" -> twitch. ""Title"" -> twitch. There are many display options but as example I use ""Forum list: Sidebar "". Widget key and title can be set as you want to name it."

Does Twitch Plugin work with HELIX API?

Yes, this plugin work with the new HELIX API.

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